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-This board is a sports board but is also a place to BS and kill some time. Posts should be about sports first and current events, religion, and politics second. 
-Be cool. You can be banned or penalized at any time if you can't be cool.
-Cussing is allowed and uncensored, don't over do it.  
-Don't flood the board with large useless posts (spam). Current sports articles are ok. Don't quote large articles that are posted here. You can trim the quote down to reference a point.
-Doing nothing but trolling a poster, team, or conference will get you banned. 
-Profile pictures are there for fun and if you don't have a nice comment then keep it to yourself. This includes calling someone fat, ugly, etc. 
-Discussions about race and harmless jokes are fine, insults about race are not, the mods decide what is too far, you'll be banned when it reaches that point.
-Insulting poster's children who are under 18 will get you a ban. Leave the kids out of it.

-The females here very rarely insult others and you are expected to treat them as they treat you. 
-Don't insult American servicemen and service women. You can discuss a specific incident.
-When a poster asks you to remove a quoted link to a personal picture please do it.
-One screen name only. All names will be banned if you are caught with multiple accounts.
-Don't spam smilies.
-Do not link or post about other private sports message boards without specific authorization from Post where you like but keep it off of USB.
-Do not argue with or harass the admins/mods about the rules or bannings (this includes starting threads or polls regarding the rules or bannings). When your input is needed we will ask. 
-Debating the rules with the admin after you break them will only add days to your ban it will NOT change the rule or the punishment. Accept your punishment and move on. 
-If a admin/mod asks you to do something please do it, anything not covered in the rules is up to the admin/mod's interpretation. 

-You must have an avatar. It must be a college or pro team from a U.S. league and must make your sports team CLEAR and OBVIOUS. It must be safe for work - chick avatars must be in a normal swimsuit MINIMUM (mods discretion) and the team still has to be clear and obvious, must be non-animated. Colors alone, coaches head alone, players head alone, and mascots head alone are not enough to identify your team. A coaches head with your teams hat, a player in uniform, entire mascot in the pic or mascot with the teams name are examples of what is enough to identify your team, you can also just add the team name in text to your avatar. Individuals involved in U.S. sports are also acceptable, for example golfers and race car drivers but they must be involved in the sport (golf) or in their gear (drivers) or displaying their sponsor so the sport is obvious. Not every possible rule can be posted here, if your avatar is removed by an admin or mod then it was unacceptable, get an acceptable avatar or be banned.

***You can post obvious not safe for work (NSFW) links or pics in the Locker Room only. NSFW = Anything less than a bikini, this includes ads on a otherwise safe for work webpage. 
***Anything that might be risky at work like a chick in a bikini should be labeled NSFW on the main board (bench), mods will move/delete it if they deem it NSFW

Instant Bans
****Posting obscene/shock links like Tubgirl, Lemonparty, Goatse, Sandbox, Pain Olympics, cat crush, 2girls1cup or the equivalent as decided by the admin will get you banned. Posting a link that looks like one of the those links but is work safe is also a ban for forcing the admin/mod to check it. This is STRICTLY enforced and ignorance of the rules is no excuse.
****Do not use image tags when posting on The Bench, that means [img] or <url>. You will be banned.

*****No rick rolls, youtube rickroll is ok.

*****Do not post personal information on this board (full name, address, phone # etc), FOR ANY REASON, EVER. You will be banned and probably have your account deleted.

****If you photoshop or link another posters picture without their permission you will be banned no questions asked. Doesn't matter if you think they will find it funny or if you don't think they will care. This includes linking or photoshopping pictures from their USB profile, photobucket, or other storage

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